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You’re Traveling Down the Wrong Road, My Friend

I had a visit from an old friend the other day. She recounted this story.  Please read and ponder it with me…

I looked down from Heaven one day, and this is what I saw.

There is this path in America that leads to fame and fortune.  It has been cleared by the feet of many ambitious people who have ventured along it in years past.

I decided to sit down and observe its travelers for a while, from my vantage point in Heaven.  The entrance to this road is colorful and glitzy.  Despite that, I felt in my heart that it must take courage and a great energy to go this way.  I could be certain from where I was observing that it was a difficult journey.  But I saw that there were promises of great reward that kept these fame and fortune seekers encouraged and strengthened, at least at the present time.  There were so many enticements.  I sat and watched, intrigued.

It was not just the seekers that caught my eye.  I couldn’t help but notice how so many onlookers were enamored with these travelers, by how beautiful and youthful they seemed, at least from a distance.  There was so much talent and creativity in these brave people.  I knew that to be true.

I picked out just a few travelers to follow more closely.  And then I saw a strange thing begin happening to these lovely people.  The further they walked down the path, their original brightness began to dim.  It wasn’t perceptible at first.  But as the Sun fell on them, they seemed pale, if not gray.  Their attractiveness, the kind that emanates from the inside, began to fade.  My heart sank for a moment, but the scents and sounds around me in Heaven were too wonderful to allow me to fall into sadness.  Perhaps I was only feeling the unspoken regret deep within the traveler.  I wondered if the treasures at the end of this road were worth the journey.  I began to recall my own path in life.  I faintly remembered seeing and hearing about this road.  As I searched my Earthly memory, I could recall having passed it a couple of times.  I couldn’t be sure, but I thought maybe I even attempted a few steps myself.

As I continued to watch these fame and fortune seekers, they were slowly becoming grossly disfigured.  I also realized that I was finding it difficult to follow them for stretches of the road.  They seemed to disappear at times.  And when they reappeared, I sometimes could barely recognize the person they had been before.  This was most disheartening.  Had I not been in the comfort of Heaven, I might have felt hopelessness.

I noticed the road got wider but treacherous in certain places, as more people pushed their way in from the sidelines.  But it was by great struggle.  Some were crawling up hills to find the pathway, even though the road itself seemed to be marked by a gradual decline downward.  I began to see pushing and shoving.  I could hear swearing.  There was meanness in the voices below.  Camaraderie, yet jealousy and extreme self-centeredness.  They seemed desperate and hungry, but engorged at the same time.  They abused each other, as well as the spectators.  I saw some seekers paying for rides on the backs of others, until they had no money left and were thrown off.  Kicked when down.  Those who grew weak or sick were trampled and left alone.  It was becoming a gruesome scene of vanity and depravity.

Then what caught my attention was something terrible.  The Earth that extended in all directions from this road was changing.  The once green grass and blue sky was taking on the same ugly shade of gray as what had become of the ground under the travelers feet.  In fact, it was hard to distinguish the road’s boundaries.  Much of the America I had so loved and enjoyed was becoming transformed, in an awful way, to match the cold and loveless color of this path to fame and fortune.

I searched the road further down, way further down.  I was looking for that glory that awaited them.  I stretched.  I leaned.  I peered.  I squinted.  I couldn’t see anything.  I kept searching.  I stood up, for I thought I must be missing it.  But it was eerily opaque at the end of the path.  I couldn’t see through the darkness.  And then it hit me, that this is the road to destruction I had read about while on Earth.  I began to understand that there was nothing in the darkness to see.  This path led to nothingness.  Someone, many someones, had lied to these poor souls.  An evil lie.

What a relief it was when I saw my Lord, angels, and my Lord’s friends approach these travelers.  I saw and heard them whispering in their ears and sometimes even waving their arms wildly while calling out.  “You’re traveling down the wrong road my friend,” I could hear them say.  I saw my Lord with tears in His eyes:  “I am the Way.  Follow Me.”

It was with great joy when I saw some give up on their quest and follow my Lord, for I knew my Lord was good to forgive and forget.  As He had been with me. I knew He would have so much more awaiting them in Heaven.

And so I stood a little while longer and hoped that all would desert this path to nowhere.   I so hoped…and hoped…